Happy April Fools!

Honestly, I didn't really realize it was April Fools today, until I saw this ridiculous prank on my Facebook News Feed where one of my friends was tricked into believing a fake news article about Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber getting cast in the Hunger Games (You can just imagine how all hell broke loose, right?). So anyway, forgetting the occasion doesn't necessarily mean neglecting to do something to celebrate it, and looking back at what a couple of my friends and I did earlier, HAHA I guess you could say we did have our own little crazy moment today.

After having lunch at the retreat house we've been at for two days (because our youth group is hosting and facilitating the annual Life in the Spirit Seminar there), four of us decided to sneak out and cross the street to Starbucks. We all woke up really early in the morning and needed to keep ourselves awake for the rest of the day (to prevent further mishaps of falling asleep during a really REALLY REALLY UNUSUALLY LONG sermon). I mean, we desperately needed coffee!!! Even I was craving for it! And that's saying something, because I don't even drink coffee regularly. Haha. Anyway, when we got there, one of us randomly dared our guy friend to address his drink to "My BFF! ♥" so that it would sound hilarious once the barista called it out. Then all of a sudden everybody started thinking of weird, funny names to put on their orders, and we decided to be celebrities just for laughs. I went up to the counter first and ordered my Iced White Mocha, and when the barista asked for my name, I said: Katniss Everdeen! My other friends were Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and some random Chinese name our guy friend decided to name his drink for instead. We seated ourselves as far away from the counter as possible, so that they'd have to yell out our names, but they didn't shout loud enough. :( And they didn't even write my name on the cup! But for some unknown reason, they managed to write the Chinese name my friend gave! I mean, it was obviously misspelled, but at least they tried. They could've at least tried to spell out Katniss too!!

So I guess our plan turned out to be quite a flop, but we did end up having a very good laugh about it. Maybe next time, we'll try a different branch or cafe. Just for kicks. :)