Shooting Rainbows

When you study sooo hard for a test in your worst subject until it feels like your brain can't take in any more information, then finishing the test with time to review your answers and still more time to spare, then finally getting your corrected paper back the next day and screaming for utter happiness at the 97 you got (and never ever got in high school). Best. Feeling. Ever.

Working out for your Physical Fitness class and sweating out about a gallon of water (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it sure felt that way) after doing 10 rounds of grueling circuits in 20 minutes, then heading over to the Cafe Azul and sharing a large (although accidental) chocolate parfait with your best friend even if it takes so much effort to lift your spoon to your mouth 'cause your arms hurt too much. Greaaaat feeling.

Basking in the coldness of the library and abusing the fast internet connection (which I paid for in my tuition anyway) while listening to good, chill, newly discovered, my brand music. Feels so good.

Ahh, life is good. Even if it hasn't been completely so, I just felt like spreading some happiness and putting out there how much I appreciate the things around me. :)


WOAH workload

It's the fourth (?) week of college, and I'm already down with cough and colds and sleeping as late as 4 am. If you haven't already noticed, I've been quiet for the past few weeks. I haven't written a thing in forever 'cause college is sucking the life out of me! I'm probably even writing this now half asleep.

College is fun and all, with loads of free time during breaks and a whole lot more freedom than what I am used to. The only problem seems to be that, while it's chill in the campus during school hours, it is quite frankly the exact opposite once you go home and realize all the work that has to be done for the next few days. Take what I'm doing (or supposed to be doing, at least) right now: a 20-25 source preliminary bibliography with at least 10 annotations for a research proposal we're making for English 12. Of course it doesn't help that all my other classmates in this subject are mindblowingly smart and deep (and most probably not procrastinating on said project like I am). They all have American accents too, for crying out loud!

But while the college load has caught up on me and my weird sleeping habits, I've found that my complaints from the previous week have somewhat gone away. Not completely, but close enough. I've been laughing freely and crazily in the company of my few, but amazingly good friends, who are convinced that my laugh is utterly weird (surprise, surprise; never gets old). I've had really decent conversations with them, and I can't stress enough how really glad I am for the diversity I find in college. It's refreshing, and to say the least, very interesting. I get so much insights and opinions everyday to last me until the academic year ends (this is what I get for surrounding myself with debaters. Side note: I...don't really consider myself one anymore.)

Now, I look forward to days spent in school, especially since I've started joining organizations already. I have three orgs at the moment, which, hopefully, will not take too much of my time. And I'm a Junior Officer in one of them (Ateneo Project for Asian and International Relations), yay! :) I'm a freshie with a title; how cool is that? HAHA I am suuuuch an org junkie.