feist·y/ˈfīstē/: resilient, self-reliant, full of spirit and courage, spunky, exuberant, and determined.

Well, that's me! :) I guess that's a pretty big chunk of my personality described in one word right there. But there's still a lot more to me than that. Or so I prefer to think. Haha.

I'm a writer, debater, CAT officer (retired, that is), volleyball player, Catholic youth group member, wannabe photographer, sometimes-dancer, singer-especially-in-the-shower, and I'm the girl who has the loud, crazy, infectious laugh. I love pink, stationaries, checking my mailbox and receiving letters, marshmallows, my family, hanging out with my equally crazy friends, being involved, speaking out, and making people laugh.

This is a blog started out of curiosity, boredom, and a renewed passion for writing. It's an attempt at organizing the thoughts that swirl around in my head on a daily basis, and sort of "immortalizing" those in a blog about...well, my life. Anyhow, I hope you'll stay a little while, read on, and enjoy! :)


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