Anti-Summer Heat = Homemade Choco Shake

I love summer, but I loathe the scorching temperatures. The minute I'm out of the shower or out of the reach of a source of air, I start seeing bullets of sweat on my skin again (it certainly doesn't help that my sweat glands are more hyperactive than others' are). The summer heat has just been extremely uncooperative these days, and it doesn't get any worse than when we have 4 hour rotating brownouts here in our province. So to battle the heat, I made some good old chocolate shake for myself and my brother the other day.

I don't have an exact recipe for it, because I basically just put in a few spoons of Starbucks Cocoa and white sugar, poured milk and water, added a few tiny cubes of ice (I was afraid the blender would break if I put too much) and blended it until it was frothy and sweet. I wanted to top it with whipped cream, but we didn't have any of that, so I had to settle with sprinkling a little bit of coffee on top of my drink instead, just to give it a bit of a cappuccino taste.

So that's the extent of my culinary adventures for now. But I'm going to try and make some chicken casserole I found online. Maybe I can tweak it a bit. :)

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