For Starters...

I did say I was going to catch up on my music discoveries, so here's for starters. I actually found these during the semester, and they've kept me good, well-needed company on my all-nighters. Great stuff to listen to while writing papers, if you ask me.

Gabrielle Aplin - Please Don't Say You Love Me

Carly Rae Jepsen & Justin Bieber - Beautiful

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness


Sweet, sweet sembreak! After almost five months of slaving away in my first semester of college, I am finally freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Today was the first day of my three-week long semestral break, and boy, did I accomplish what I set out to do: catch up on sleep. And I mean lots and lots of it. :) Although technically, I know people can never make up for lost sleep, I still tried anyway, and it felt so darn good to just laze around knowing I didn't have anything to cram or write or read.

There are some things I need and plan to do over the break though. My Project Sembreak 2012 consists mainly of planning important events for next semester, enlisting for 2nd sem classes, picking my brother up from school everyday (and maybe dropping by my school as well), hanging out with my high school friends, writing and sending out letters to my friends studying abroad, watching movies and TV, and discovering more music.

Here's to a memorable, productive first college sembreak spent wisely!


I'm Still Here!

Well, hello there. Yes, I'm still here; I'm alive and kickin' and still taking the Ateneo by storm.

I know I haven't written anything in here for probably more than a month now, but that's only because I've been pretty swamped with schoolwork and life. Between oral presentations, papers, meetings, and a semi-barely-there social life, I haven't really been able to find the time to just sit down...start writing...and let my thoughts flow. Today's no exception, actually, and I'm supposed to be writing an extra credit paper for Environmental Science, but I have a six-hour break anyway, so I'm taking my time. :)

I also went under the radar because I kind of had some unwanted visitors... :( I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate my page being viewed and read by completely unknown people because that was my goal in the first place - to be able to identify with others through my blog posts - but just please not in a predatory way. I have big personal issues with that, unfortunately. So now my blog is exclusively for other bloggers to read, but that pretty much equates to all of my two loyal followers and myself...so this is just like me talking to myself through writing. I'm so weird sometimes HAHA.

For a moment I thought about giving up this blog altogether and deleting everything in it because I felt that my privacy and security was invaded/violated. But hey, I'm still here, and I have my English 12 project to thank for that. For my final paper, I am to write 11-12 pages of creative nonfiction...on what? Well, myself.

Yes, MYSELF. I am talking autobiographical-hello-world-this-is-my-life text here.
And I have no idea what to write in it; I don't know where to start, which parts of my life to focus on... I don't even think my life is worth writing (much less reading!) about as of now.

But my professor requires us to undertake such tedious processes of self-awareness and self-celebration, so I don't really have a choice. He says we should take a tickler with us everywhere so that in the event we recall something relevant and noteworthy about our life, we will be able to write it down. He says we can and should be as creative as we can in portraying our lives. He says there is something really significant and notable and poignant in each of our young lives. You know what I think? I think we should just be able to participate - to actively live out our lives and be part of the goings-on and not just a bystander watching what everyone else is doing and enjoying. (Yes, if you were wondering, I'm currently reading and loving Perks of Being A Wallflower.) I think that simply being able to do so is enough.



Just a quick (super hyper) post: OH MY GOODNESS I FREAKING SURVIVED MY MATH MIDTERMS!!!! I can now rest peacefully and enjoy my semi-long weekend. :)

At least before I have to start studying for my Environmental Science long test and Literature midterms again. Ohwell....


Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major

Just taking a little breather from my research proposal, which is due tomorrow, but I'm only halfway done with. Well, three-fourths, maybe. But then again, I left the bloodiest parts out for last, so that I could do them in the quieter hours of the night. Strangely enough, I am trying to listen actually listening to classical, Mozart-y music, desperately trying to get my IQ level to go up even just a little. Just enough for me to survive this research paper, the Math long test on Thursday, and the Math midterms on Friday. Which isn't asking much, really.

Well, there's nothing I can really talk about right now that won't sound like I'm spilling s*&% out of my brain... so instead, here's a little inspirational thing I stumbled upon. It was written by my fourth year math teacher specifically for us, her little math nerd of a class. It's nostalgia and inspiration at its best:

My Dearest Math Geniuses, 
If there is one thought I had at the end of our regular meetings (I know I wasn't there, forgive me --- for the nth time), it was, time does fly whenever one is having fun. At the beginning of the year, I did not expect I would be thinking something along those lines. After all, I have always claimed that H4 Math would not be easy, but you would learn. 
The goal has always been to impart something to all of you. So it was a very pleasant surprise to find myself looking forward to our meetings. I mean, I look forward to each meeting because it's a chance to share wonderful math concepts, but because each of you contributed so much into making sure that you learned something everyday, and each of you went out of your way to produce interesting solutions and generalizations.  
Add to that your infinite patience in enduring my math nerd tendencies and "interesting" examples (not to mention quizzes), and I was truly enamored by your class.
Galileo Galilei once said, "The universe cannot be read until we have learnt the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written in mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word. With them, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth." 
When Galileo wrote these words ages ago, they were particularly about geometry, but I think that he was able to touch what mathematics is all about. Mathematics is a tool used to solve problems. Sometimes the problems are direct, like the ones we've discussed in class about functions, or volume problems, et cetera. Sometimes, however, it is the skills or practices we have learned in mathematics that helps us solve problems --- thinking logically, exhausting all means to solve something, spotting errors and the like.  
I might have always been going about telling you how wonderful math is, and how interesting the patterns we see in mathematics are, but at the end of the school year, it is my fervent hope that I have, at the very least, imparted ways in which you can be better thinkers and problem solvers.  
Our world needs people who go out there and try to solve problems; it is my firm belief that no matter where your passion lies, you can be good thinkers and great problem solvers.
You all are talented, that much I am sure of. Your path may not be leaning towards the wonderful world of mathematics (hahaha!), but I know that you each have the capability to go out there and contribute in solving our world's problems. That may not happen in the near future, but it is my belief that you will each change the world for the better.  
Know that each one of you is in my prayers. I wish you all joy wherever life leads you, perseverance for whatever challenges you might face, and the courage to excel in whatever mathematics course you may encounter in college. ;) Never forget that your brains are the best things you can offer to the world, and that it would be a wonderful thing to share what you have (intellectually or otherwise) to those around you.  
I shall miss you all, and I shall always remain your nerdy math teacher.


Indulgence ♥

I miss these guys so much! :) Don't judge, but I absolutely love Nick Jonas ohmygoodness. ♥♥♥ (I literally can't stop smiling/spazzing right now eeeeeeeee) Allow me to indulge in a little nostalgia and fangirling for just a moment, please

So here are my favorite, never-gets-old Jonas Brothers tracks: Fly With Me and When You Look Me in the Eyes. Enjoy!


Rainy Day Playlist

I can't let this day pass without sharing my love for alternative, "chill", bed weather songs. I don't really have a word to describe my kind of music, so it'd be best if you just listen and get swept away by the amazing melodies and lyrics. Perfect sound for this weather. :)

   1. The Paper Kites - Featherstone

2. The Paper Kites - Bloom

3. Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson - Winter Song

4. Daughter - Youth

rain, rain go awayyy...

I wish it were that easy - that I only needed to sing a simple, kiddy song - to make the rains stop. Normally, I would be jumping up and down at the first few signs of strong rains because for me (and I suppose I speak for the rest of my fellow students as well), this meant the suspension of classes. Now that I'm in college, classes don't get suspended unless the storm signal is at 3, thus the common logic: the stronger the rains and winds, the better.

But it's a whole different story right now. It's been raining really hard for around 4 straight days; so many places are flooded, leaving families stranded on their roofs or in evacuation centers, and they don't look like they're about to subside anytime soon; people are stuck indoors, and although some are safe from the floods, they're running low on food. All these because of monsoon rains. No storm whatsoever, just freaking monsoon rains. :(

So I thought I'd spread some important information as my way of helping out, since I can't go out and help with relief operations currently ongoing in my university.

Emergency Numbers:

Philippine Red Cross hotline - 143, (02)911-1876; HQ - 527-0856

National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) - (02) 911-1406/ 912-2665/ 9125668

National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) - (02) 911-1406/ 911-1873/ 911-1906

Meralco - 16211/ 16220/ 09175592824/ 09209292824
Manila Water - 1627
Maynilad - 1626

For rubber boat/4x4 truck requests - National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) - (02) 8383203/8383354
For rescue dump trucks, text - 09174226800/09276751981
Philippine National Police (PNP) Hotline Patrol - 117 or send TXT PNP to 2920
Bureau of Fire Protection (NCR) - (02) 729-5166, 410-6254, 431-8859, 407-1230
Philippine Coast Guard - (02) 527-3877, (02) 527-8481, 0917-724-3682, 0917-PCG-DOTC

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) - 136
Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) hotline - 7890 or 0918-8848484
Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) - (02) 304-3713

North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) hotlines - (02) 3-5000 and (02) 580-8910
Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) hotlines - 0920-96-SCTEX (72839)
Skyway System Hotline - (02) 776-7777, 0915-6256231, 0939-5006910
South Luzon Expressway (SLEx) hotline - 0908-8807539

Quezon City Rescue - (02) 927-5914
Quezon City General Hospital - (02) 920-5002
Marikina Rescue - (02) 646-2436
Pasig Rescue - (02) 631-0099
Taguig Emergency Hotline - 1623
Manila Traffic Hotline – (02) 527-3087
Cainta Traffic Hotline – (02) 646-0044, 655-7368 loc. 164
Las PiƱas Traffic – (02) 874-5756, 874-3957, 874-3927
Mandaluyong Hotline – 534-2993
Taguig Traffic – (02) 838-4301 loc. 7112
Marikina STOC – (02) 646-1651
Pasig Traffic – (02) 643-0000, 724-5813
Makati Public Safety Dept – (02) 844-3146, 819-3270

Ateneo DReaM Team Operations are at the Loyola Schools Covered Courts. Please DONATE!
Or check out: http://mylittleways.com/typhoons/info-relief-ops-how-to-help/ for more information on how to assist in relief operations nearest you.

Keep safe and dry, everyone. Pray for everyone affected by these rains. Stay strong, Philippines.


Snow Patrol - New York

I'm stopping myself from saying so much sappy stuff about this song. So now all I can say is that I love how haunting this song is, and that the world needs more beautiful lyrics like these. I wish I could also say that I'm excited to see Snow Patrol perform live in Manila.

Oh, New York... :(


Shooting Rainbows

When you study sooo hard for a test in your worst subject until it feels like your brain can't take in any more information, then finishing the test with time to review your answers and still more time to spare, then finally getting your corrected paper back the next day and screaming for utter happiness at the 97 you got (and never ever got in high school). Best. Feeling. Ever.

Working out for your Physical Fitness class and sweating out about a gallon of water (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it sure felt that way) after doing 10 rounds of grueling circuits in 20 minutes, then heading over to the Cafe Azul and sharing a large (although accidental) chocolate parfait with your best friend even if it takes so much effort to lift your spoon to your mouth 'cause your arms hurt too much. Greaaaat feeling.

Basking in the coldness of the library and abusing the fast internet connection (which I paid for in my tuition anyway) while listening to good, chill, newly discovered, my brand music. Feels so good.

Ahh, life is good. Even if it hasn't been completely so, I just felt like spreading some happiness and putting out there how much I appreciate the things around me. :)


WOAH workload

It's the fourth (?) week of college, and I'm already down with cough and colds and sleeping as late as 4 am. If you haven't already noticed, I've been quiet for the past few weeks. I haven't written a thing in forever 'cause college is sucking the life out of me! I'm probably even writing this now half asleep.

College is fun and all, with loads of free time during breaks and a whole lot more freedom than what I am used to. The only problem seems to be that, while it's chill in the campus during school hours, it is quite frankly the exact opposite once you go home and realize all the work that has to be done for the next few days. Take what I'm doing (or supposed to be doing, at least) right now: a 20-25 source preliminary bibliography with at least 10 annotations for a research proposal we're making for English 12. Of course it doesn't help that all my other classmates in this subject are mindblowingly smart and deep (and most probably not procrastinating on said project like I am). They all have American accents too, for crying out loud!

But while the college load has caught up on me and my weird sleeping habits, I've found that my complaints from the previous week have somewhat gone away. Not completely, but close enough. I've been laughing freely and crazily in the company of my few, but amazingly good friends, who are convinced that my laugh is utterly weird (surprise, surprise; never gets old). I've had really decent conversations with them, and I can't stress enough how really glad I am for the diversity I find in college. It's refreshing, and to say the least, very interesting. I get so much insights and opinions everyday to last me until the academic year ends (this is what I get for surrounding myself with debaters. Side note: I...don't really consider myself one anymore.)

Now, I look forward to days spent in school, especially since I've started joining organizations already. I have three orgs at the moment, which, hopefully, will not take too much of my time. And I'm a Junior Officer in one of them (Ateneo Project for Asian and International Relations), yay! :) I'm a freshie with a title; how cool is that? HAHA I am suuuuch an org junkie.


Feeling a little...homesick

No, I am not in a foreign country yet. I'm still in Manila, in Ateneo, but not in ICA.

Forgive the nostalgic and sentimental content that this blog entry might will contain; I just can't help but feel "homesick". What with all these people around me saying how much they miss our class (Fidelity), our CAT group, and everything else ICA-related that they otherwise thought they had left behind for good...

I don't think there are words to describe how different it is in college now. Sure, I'm happy, I feel quite free and independent, and I've made a lot of new friends...but somehow, when I find myself staring blankly into space during a group conversation, I feel the loneliness, the sheer difference of the company I'm with. The separation anxiety, if you may. Maybe it's because I haven't quite settled into college just yet (I mean, what's two weeks compared to three or four years, right?). Maybe not.

I miss laughing like there's no tomorrow. I haven't laughed my signature "witch" laugh in college yet, because nobody has the same crazy sense of humor I do. I miss acting crazy and completely weird, without fear of judgement. I don't think I can do that with my blockmates yet; I'm afraid they'll think I really am nuts. I miss singing aloud to no one in particular. I miss hugging all my friends as if we haven't seen each other in a looong time. I miss hanging out in the Fidelity classroom or in the DM and doing nothing...nothing productive. I miss eating recess and lunch with my friends. I miss walking along the corridors and the HSCC feeling like you own it. I miss talking to our manongs and manangs and the ever-friendly guards. I miss the garden in Gate 5 that doesn't have much grass. Heck, I even miss the cats that love climbing up the garbage cans and scaring the living wits out of me when I come near.

I just miss everything. :( And I sincerely wish hope that if I give it time, Ateneo will grow on me too.


"Who's your block crush?"

I'm just gonna put it out there and say that I really hate despise this question.

Ever since I started college, and  started hanging out with my block, this seems to be the never-gets-old conversation starter. I mean, I don't get it. It seems so imposing and pushy to force someone to answer the question and choose a blockmate he or she's "crushing" on for the sake of small talk. I mean, really? Has conversation been so scarce and difficult that this kind of thing is necessary?

I'm not anti-social or anything of the sort, quite the opposite actually, but it just unnerves me that this has to be asked over and over and over again. Isn't it suffice to say once that you don't take a particular liking to anyone in your block? It gets tiring...and....weird to have someone ask you if you like this and that person. One by one.

Okay, hahaha. I feel better now that I've let this one out. I guess I'll get used to it sooner or later, but if I hear this question in the next few days, I will...bite someone's head off.


Yo, frosh.

Say hello to Block II, the one and only AB-MA Political Science/ AB-MPM class in town! :) Haha.

Pretty awesome bunch of people right here who have made my first few days of college completely amazing. (Well, technically, I've only been in college for a day, but it feels wayy longer than that.) I was supposed to wait until the end of the week to write about my experiences on being a freshie in the Ateneo, but I couldn't wait any longer. Either I'm a) too bored at home right now, b) too dang talkative, or c) too excited, but whichever it is, I'm blogging about this...right now.

So, on my first day as a college freshman, I got to attend my Math 11, English 12 (Merit), and Literature 13 classes. I have to say, I was pretty hesitant to go into Math first thing in the morning, but I'm still glad I did. My professor wasn't so bad, but he seems really young and does not want to be called 'Sir', which is a really foreign and bizarre concept to me. So...Allen geez, so informal I can't do it. Sir Allen goes ahead and starts a freaking lesson on what must have been the fifth minute he was in class! Good thing it was on radicals and exponents only, so my wee little brain could still handle it...which hopefully, will be true for the next few lessons/reviews for the diagnostic exam (to determine whether or not some of us will be demoted to Basic Math for first sem).

I had a three hour break after that, and I did nothing but walk and walk, eat and eat, and chill and talk. Some three hours that was. The highlight would probably be my waffle discovery, oozing with whipped cream. YES, WHIPPED FATTENING CREAM!! :) Then I burned all those calories walking to my next building in the scorching "post-summer" heat. And I got to English and Lit class, which, by far, are the two most favorite subjects I have right now. I love my professor!! He's gay, and American-liberal, and amazingly smart (Brown University for MA and PhD, girlies), and sooooo overall cool (as long as you don't piss him off, I hear). I cannot wait for his classes to start for real because I can already tell it's going to be fun. And challenging, maybe. But fun!!
Of course, it's a plus that the cutest guy ever is just a few meters away from me. Hihi.



AHHHHHH!!! Tomorrow's going to be my first legit day in college; I can't believe it. Tomorrow, I am officially going to be a college student, and I'm going to have professors and all that. I am excited and nervous all at the same time, but I am sooo ready for this.

I guess OrSem has prepared me well. More on that later on. Haha. For now, I gotta go rush and do last minute preparations (aka fix everything in my bag, etc). For the mean time, here's the song that OrSem got me hooked on. No kidding, it's stuck on every freshie's head, and has been for the past three days.


...College enlistment

There's a mad rush for college enlistment in Ateneo right now, and I'm one of the sorry people who have to wake up early and stare at nothingness in their computer screens until their "designated time of arrival" (what is this anyway, the airport? Hahaha). All this for two units of PE, and four units of Natural Science lab & lecture!

I'm planning to take volleyball, yoga, or muay thai for PE, and Bio for Natural Science if I'm lucky enough to still get a slot in those subjects.



Prep Course

Well, I did promise to tell you about the Prep Course that I attended today...so here goes.

IT. WAS. TIRING. Really. And that's me talking, not some girly girl that doesn't run and isn't game for any sort of physical activity. Speaking of which, there was a lot of physical activity involved, and our upperclassmen tell us that the 3-day mandatory Orientation Seminar is 100000x worse. Oh man.

My brain seriously does not want to cooperate with me right now, having woken up at 5:45 am just to arrive on time in Ateneo. I literally felt like the undead walking and boarding the train this morning. Turns out I was too early anyway, and I had to hole up in the ladies' room because there was that I-don't-know-anyone-here awkwardness outside. I waited until 7:45 to decide that it was safe enough to proceed to the event. Haha. Of course, at first, everyone was awkwardly trying to know each other and have a good time, but as the day wore on, I guess we just got more comfortable and familiar with each other, and I started enjoying the whole event more.

We were divided up into four teams and as part of "Group Dynamics" aka games, we had to collect as much points as we could, especially in the Amazing Race. By the sound of it, you can probably tell that this was the hellish tiring part, right? So much running under a slight drizzle and across wet, muddy fields! As much as the race was physical, it was also a lot of brain work (hello, PoliSci life!). I guess this was the part where I was really able to bond more with my future coursemates, so I enjoyed it nonetheless. And hey, nothing like a good competition and an adrenaline rush for me!

In the end, our group (LEGGO PURPLE!!! Hahaha, never gets old.) actually placed second because we had awesome campaign jingles for "unknown" politicians and law-making skills to ban Justin Bieber from stardom. I met a lot of new friends today (I felt old though, being one of the only 18 year olds in the department. :( ), and there's nothing left to say but: I'm excited for OrSem! \:D/


The Perishers - Nothing Like You and I

This is incredible. I was just about to sleep, but I'm sorry, I can't help but share this really romantic, indie-ish, makes-you-wanna-fall-in-love song. ♥

Go get 'em.

I just wanted to share an excerpt from something really beautiful I read a few days ago from The Shine Project. I hope you all find it as inspiring and moving as I did (and still do). :)

Get used to working. Get used to long hours that really suck and make your feet hurt.
And when you get that pay check, save it for things that are important.
Because one day, if you do things right, you will have to use it to take
care of someone that you care about far more than yourself.

While you're working, for a while you might have a job that you hate.
Suck it up. But don't suck it up for too long. You need to be smart about being 
self sufficient, but you also need to find a job that makes you excited to live.
This might mean that you have to start your own work.
People might tell you that you're crazy, but if you believe in what you are doing,
do it. It's the crazy people who change the world.

You're going to fail. I promise you at some point, or more than one, you will want
to fall on your knees and beg God for help because you can't do it anymore.
Learn from these moments. Be prepared for them. When you know that
things aren't always going to go your way, it makes it easier to deal with.
Use failure as fuel to fight even harder for what you want.

Even though you're growing up, people still can be mean... really mean.
They'll get jealous of your career, your married life, your kids, anything that they
think you do better than them at. Love them anyway.
When people tell you that you can't do something, it's only because they
know that they can't personally do it, so they figure that you can't, either.

Stick up for what you believe in. When it's not politically correct, when it seems the
whole world has lost its moral value and you're standing face to face
with persecution, defend what you believe in.

While you go through life, there is one thing that a lot of people are missing,
and that's love. Not just the kind of love that is found when you meet your mate.
But love for all people. Love the person you have never met who is behind you at the grocery store, love your post man, the gas attendant, and every person who ultimately means nothing to you.
Love them. It will change you. Do things for them. This will change you even more.
And even better, it is how you will find true happiness.

Go get 'em.



Today has been nothing but blah...

I was supposed to go shopping (yes, actual shopping and not window shopping!) with my Momma at Forever 21, but we had to cancel at the last minute 'cause I was injured. I had a bad case of stomach cramps a while ago and my foot's swollen, until now actually. Not exactly the ideal condition for shopping, huh? So instead, I'm going to talk about what I did yesterday (which is probably to blame for my foot's state today), because that is wayyy more interesting: GOING TO GOOD OL' DIVISORIA! :)

There's nothing that gets me happier than an amazing bargain, and Divisoria is the place for just that sort of thing. You can call it the "Best Kept Secret of Thrifty Filipinos", but I call it my shopping haven in Manila. Beats out all those other tiangges and thrift shops if you're patient enough, hands down. It's a HUGE PLACE filled to the brim with overruns, cheap imported goods, China-mades, and downright fakes. Streets no, scrap that, you can't even see the streets anymore because of all the street vendors armed with their own loudspeakers, carts, and mats. There are pretty decent "malls" (168, 999, etc.) with air-conditioning, filled up with little stalls side by side for those who can't brave the extreme heat and the amount of pushing and shoving that goes on outside. And I swear, if you know the right places to go to, you will certainly find the bargain you're looking for. Divisoria has everything you can ever imagine - from shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, perfumes, to toys, gadgets, textile, household items, and many more.

So my little trip to Divisoria with my mom yesterday was for the purpose of "getting ready for school". My little brother needed new uniforms, and I, being over and done with my High School blouse and skirt forever, needed a civilian college wardrobe - badly. And I did a pretty good job of finding some new additions to my closet at a good price, if I do say so myself. All in all, I bought 2 tops, a belt, a pair of shoes, a bag, a bottle of perfume, and some unmentionables for only a little over a thousand pesos.

Hooray for spending the same amount of money a lot of other people I know would've spent on a single shirt! :)


All That Hype

As of today, May 24, 12:25 am, I officially declare that I am excited for college. :)

I know, right? Me, actually looking forward to college in June. To all the new teachers professors, new subjects, new thick books, new classmates, new environment. That's something I never thought I'd actually say. I do still have my apprehensions about the future, and I do still feel kind of scared/worried about the whole I'm-still-so-unsure-of-which-college-I'll-actually-end-up-in thing, but I'm embracing Ateneo wholeheartedly right now. I realize that a LOT of people would love to have my slot in the Ateneo because in all honesty, it isn't a bad school at all, so I figured I might as well just enjoy and make the most of it.

I guess what got me really excited at the whole prospect of going to college was all the hype surrounding me nowadays. All my friends, former classmates, and batchmates are putting up their respective schedules and trying to find people with common break times. Block lists have been posted and everyone's at a mad scramble to know who their blockmates are and make friends with them online ASAP. Prep courses and orientation seminars are being announced here and there, and I'm being asked to complete a survey of which courses I'd like to take (more on that very interesting topic later on. or maybe I'm the only one who finds it cool, ohwell)... All that college vibe eventually made its way into my head and so here I am, feeling all jumpy like it's going to be my first day of school ever. Crazy! 

Well, a week from now, I'll be meeting some of my new blockmates for the Political Science Preparatory Course. The only thing scary about it, aside from my initial awkwardness with extremely new and unfamiliar people, is their slogan: ANG BUHAY POLSCI AY NAKAMAMATAY (POLSCI LIFE IS DEADLY) with a matching "stay alive" quote from Haymitch Abernathy of The Hunger Games. Way to welcome freshies, yo. :)
Guess I'll have to see for myself, eh. I'll update you guys on that! Good night, gotta catch the live finale of AI tomorrow morning! :)


and this is crazy, but here's my number, so ohmygoodness, no, I'm not even going there. HAHAHA. I've probably heard the song a thousand times already, and it's stuck in my head. It's so infectious and dancey, I'm even tempted to do a video ala Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale!

Check this one out, just a little something that made my day yesterday. It features the most glamorous people in the Philippines right now (in my opinion, at least) totally being anything but. All in the name of Carly Rae Jepsen. #itsmorefuninthephilippines :)


Karmin - Brokenhearted

If you guys didn't know yet, I LOVE music. Good music might just as well be good food; it's definitely food for my soul (or something of that sort). Well, before I call it a night, I just wanted to share this music video of Karmin. I think her voice is amazing, and that the soon-to-be-weds' tandem is adorable.

Oh, and the reason I posted this one is 'cause I've lately been finding myself belting it out in the shower. One of these days, I might just have the balls guts to upload my own cover of this song. Sans the video, of course. Just my voice. Maybe. Maybe not. We'll see. :)



YES, I am shamelessly campaigning for Jessica Sanchez to win this season of American Idol. :D

I'm not doing so only because she and I are both half-Filipino. If so, I should have done the same shameless campaigning for Thia Megia last season. But I didn't, because I didn't quite believe she had the chops to win everything. And no, it's not because I hate Phillip (and his ridiculously contorted face when he sings); I actually find him quite attractive and I respect his artistry very much. I think he has a really good shot of winning Idol, frankly, if the girlies vote triumph.

BUT if American Idol is still what it claims to be, which is a singing competition, and not only a popularity contest, then it's Jessica who definitely deserves the title. I mean, everybody knows she can sing! She can sing the phonebook, the dictionary or whatever, and her vocals will still sound amazing. She can sing like there's no tomorrow and hit every single not she has to. And she can sing to touch and reach out to her audience. I'll keep it short and simple now: Jessica Sanchez is the complete package that Idol is or should be looking for.

Nevermind that she's only sixteen. Pleaaaaseeeee vote for the BEST. VOTE FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ!!! ♥


Summer snapshots!

I'm missing the fresh air of the province already...

So, as promised, here are some pictures I took on my vacation. :) These are pure, unedited shots straight out of my digital camera. I'm crazy proud of myself, especially of this beautiful sunset right here. HAHA! Most of these are views from my bedroom window and the balcony, and the rest are of the other parts of the house. Every time I look outside, I can't get over how pretty everything is. I mean, there's greenery in all directions, the color of the sky is incredible, and it's just...AMAZEBALLS!

It was really nice and comfortable staying in the new house (a long shot from the small bungalow we used to live in), and I just had to capture the moments. For all I know, it might be the last time I'll get to visit in a long time. *cue sniffing* But hey, maybe the next time I come back, there's gonna be a swimming pool in our backyard! YAY! :) Seriously, they are talking about having one built, and if I know my grandfather enough, he'll have it built even if he can't swim in it himself. He's adorable that way!




Back to civilization, proper internet connections, noise and traffic and pollution, and everything else I love and hate in the city!

I was gone for a month, stay-cationing in Iligan City, all the way down in Mindanao, with my brother. I finally got to see the glorious new house that my grandparents and my uncle (read: old goat. Apparently, that's what you call male spinsters. HAHAHAHA!) are now staying in. Did I mention that it is HUUUGE? And made almost entirely out of wood from trees that my grandfather planted? Cool, huh. :)

So I was there, basically just being a couch potato three-fourths of the time. But I did get to do a lot of other stuff, like swimming (and getting a tan, finally!), sleeping over at my cousin's house, and playing frisbee and billiards. Plus, I got to learn how to shoot a gun! HAHA.

More about my summer later on, and I promise to include pictures too. Meanwhile, it's just really good to be back, even if it is busier here than it ever was in the province. I've missed the city life!

PS. Payphone by Maroon5 is just stuck in my head right now. I ♥ Adam Levine. Just wanted to put it out there. :))

"I'm at a payphone trying to call home
All of my change I've spent on you
Where have the times gone baby
It's all wrong, where are the plans we made for two

If happy ever after did exist
I would still be holding you like this
All those fairytales are full of sh*
One more f*ing love song I'll be sick"


Happy April Fools!

Honestly, I didn't really realize it was April Fools today, until I saw this ridiculous prank on my Facebook News Feed where one of my friends was tricked into believing a fake news article about Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber getting cast in the Hunger Games (You can just imagine how all hell broke loose, right?). So anyway, forgetting the occasion doesn't necessarily mean neglecting to do something to celebrate it, and looking back at what a couple of my friends and I did earlier, HAHA I guess you could say we did have our own little crazy moment today.

After having lunch at the retreat house we've been at for two days (because our youth group is hosting and facilitating the annual Life in the Spirit Seminar there), four of us decided to sneak out and cross the street to Starbucks. We all woke up really early in the morning and needed to keep ourselves awake for the rest of the day (to prevent further mishaps of falling asleep during a really REALLY REALLY UNUSUALLY LONG sermon). I mean, we desperately needed coffee!!! Even I was craving for it! And that's saying something, because I don't even drink coffee regularly. Haha. Anyway, when we got there, one of us randomly dared our guy friend to address his drink to "My BFF! ♥" so that it would sound hilarious once the barista called it out. Then all of a sudden everybody started thinking of weird, funny names to put on their orders, and we decided to be celebrities just for laughs. I went up to the counter first and ordered my Iced White Mocha, and when the barista asked for my name, I said: Katniss Everdeen! My other friends were Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and some random Chinese name our guy friend decided to name his drink for instead. We seated ourselves as far away from the counter as possible, so that they'd have to yell out our names, but they didn't shout loud enough. :( And they didn't even write my name on the cup! But for some unknown reason, they managed to write the Chinese name my friend gave! I mean, it was obviously misspelled, but at least they tried. They could've at least tried to spell out Katniss too!!

So I guess our plan turned out to be quite a flop, but we did end up having a very good laugh about it. Maybe next time, we'll try a different branch or cafe. Just for kicks. :)


Senior Moments

Well, just some of the most treasured and memorable photos I have in my last year of High School. Being a senior sure was great, but now, it's time to move on into a new chapter of my life. Getting used to the fact that I'm college-bound is harder than I would've expected. No more uniforms and softdrink bans and organization restrictions, etc etc! Yay! Because I've officially confirmed a slot in the Ateneo this afternoon, and it felt quite liberating, to an extent. Haha. I'm sure Daddy's pleased that if I don't go abroad, I'll be a true-blue Atenean just like him. So for now, while nothing is certain about my future yet, I'll settle for being a Blue Eagle. ;)


Today My Life Begins

For weeks now, I've been pondering on what to write. I wanted something special to start my blog with, but I just couldn't point my finger at the exact topic. Somehow, I was just so unsure of what to share. Funny thing is, I'm not the type to often feel unsure of myself, and I asked myself, 'of all the times, why now?'.

Maybe it's because I'm at the crossroads of my life right now. Maybe it's because I just graduated from high school (Is that what all graduates feel like? Unsure?) the other night. Or maybe it's the fact that while everyone around me is busy confirming their slots to the colleges of their choice, I am stuck here, not really knowing where I'll be heading off in a few months.

I can't really blame myself, though. It's a HUGE choice, really.
Option A: Leave everyone and everything I am familiar with, pack my bags, and go to the States. Sounds pretty simple, except for the fact that I have no clue whatsoever where to magically produce funds for my education if I do end up in the US. I can get a loan, perhaps, but as my mom very conveniently pointed out, do I really want to indebt myself as early as now? I'm barely even legal yet (I mean, okay, I just turned 18 like, 2 hours ago, but still.)! .....OR........
Option B: Stay where I am right now, be happy with the 25% discount on my tuition in the university I'm attending here, and live at home. No financial problems, no part-time jobs, no sleeping on someone else's couch. It's the easy way out, really. My only problem is, I don't think this is exactly my dream. Which is most probably why I'm having second thoughts in the first place. I mean, there's no thrill of a new culture and a new sense of independence and freedom for me, and I think that's what I want to experience right now.

Well, anyway, so that's my dilemma. That's what's been keeping my thoughts all messed up and  fjelawf8eywaufhewu (yeah, that's how I think my thoughts look like now.) But you know what, college is a few months away from now. I just graduated the other night, and it's my birthday today, so I'm not about to let these decisions get in my way of having fun. Not just yet.

Today, my life begins. I'm eighteen, and I have the rest of the world in front of me. Where life will take me, I know not, but I sure am excited to see! And I'll be sure to take you with me on this journey. :) Welcome to my blog. ♥

Here's a link to my batch's beautiful performance of our graduation song. I cried. ;(
Zenith Graduation Song