Today has been nothing but blah...

I was supposed to go shopping (yes, actual shopping and not window shopping!) with my Momma at Forever 21, but we had to cancel at the last minute 'cause I was injured. I had a bad case of stomach cramps a while ago and my foot's swollen, until now actually. Not exactly the ideal condition for shopping, huh? So instead, I'm going to talk about what I did yesterday (which is probably to blame for my foot's state today), because that is wayyy more interesting: GOING TO GOOD OL' DIVISORIA! :)

There's nothing that gets me happier than an amazing bargain, and Divisoria is the place for just that sort of thing. You can call it the "Best Kept Secret of Thrifty Filipinos", but I call it my shopping haven in Manila. Beats out all those other tiangges and thrift shops if you're patient enough, hands down. It's a HUGE PLACE filled to the brim with overruns, cheap imported goods, China-mades, and downright fakes. Streets no, scrap that, you can't even see the streets anymore because of all the street vendors armed with their own loudspeakers, carts, and mats. There are pretty decent "malls" (168, 999, etc.) with air-conditioning, filled up with little stalls side by side for those who can't brave the extreme heat and the amount of pushing and shoving that goes on outside. And I swear, if you know the right places to go to, you will certainly find the bargain you're looking for. Divisoria has everything you can ever imagine - from shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, perfumes, to toys, gadgets, textile, household items, and many more.

So my little trip to Divisoria with my mom yesterday was for the purpose of "getting ready for school". My little brother needed new uniforms, and I, being over and done with my High School blouse and skirt forever, needed a civilian college wardrobe - badly. And I did a pretty good job of finding some new additions to my closet at a good price, if I do say so myself. All in all, I bought 2 tops, a belt, a pair of shoes, a bag, a bottle of perfume, and some unmentionables for only a little over a thousand pesos.

Hooray for spending the same amount of money a lot of other people I know would've spent on a single shirt! :)

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