Go get 'em.

I just wanted to share an excerpt from something really beautiful I read a few days ago from The Shine Project. I hope you all find it as inspiring and moving as I did (and still do). :)

Get used to working. Get used to long hours that really suck and make your feet hurt.
And when you get that pay check, save it for things that are important.
Because one day, if you do things right, you will have to use it to take
care of someone that you care about far more than yourself.

While you're working, for a while you might have a job that you hate.
Suck it up. But don't suck it up for too long. You need to be smart about being 
self sufficient, but you also need to find a job that makes you excited to live.
This might mean that you have to start your own work.
People might tell you that you're crazy, but if you believe in what you are doing,
do it. It's the crazy people who change the world.

You're going to fail. I promise you at some point, or more than one, you will want
to fall on your knees and beg God for help because you can't do it anymore.
Learn from these moments. Be prepared for them. When you know that
things aren't always going to go your way, it makes it easier to deal with.
Use failure as fuel to fight even harder for what you want.

Even though you're growing up, people still can be mean... really mean.
They'll get jealous of your career, your married life, your kids, anything that they
think you do better than them at. Love them anyway.
When people tell you that you can't do something, it's only because they
know that they can't personally do it, so they figure that you can't, either.

Stick up for what you believe in. When it's not politically correct, when it seems the
whole world has lost its moral value and you're standing face to face
with persecution, defend what you believe in.

While you go through life, there is one thing that a lot of people are missing,
and that's love. Not just the kind of love that is found when you meet your mate.
But love for all people. Love the person you have never met who is behind you at the grocery store, love your post man, the gas attendant, and every person who ultimately means nothing to you.
Love them. It will change you. Do things for them. This will change you even more.
And even better, it is how you will find true happiness.

Go get 'em.

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