All That Hype

As of today, May 24, 12:25 am, I officially declare that I am excited for college. :)

I know, right? Me, actually looking forward to college in June. To all the new teachers professors, new subjects, new thick books, new classmates, new environment. That's something I never thought I'd actually say. I do still have my apprehensions about the future, and I do still feel kind of scared/worried about the whole I'm-still-so-unsure-of-which-college-I'll-actually-end-up-in thing, but I'm embracing Ateneo wholeheartedly right now. I realize that a LOT of people would love to have my slot in the Ateneo because in all honesty, it isn't a bad school at all, so I figured I might as well just enjoy and make the most of it.

I guess what got me really excited at the whole prospect of going to college was all the hype surrounding me nowadays. All my friends, former classmates, and batchmates are putting up their respective schedules and trying to find people with common break times. Block lists have been posted and everyone's at a mad scramble to know who their blockmates are and make friends with them online ASAP. Prep courses and orientation seminars are being announced here and there, and I'm being asked to complete a survey of which courses I'd like to take (more on that very interesting topic later on. or maybe I'm the only one who finds it cool, ohwell)... All that college vibe eventually made its way into my head and so here I am, feeling all jumpy like it's going to be my first day of school ever. Crazy! 

Well, a week from now, I'll be meeting some of my new blockmates for the Political Science Preparatory Course. The only thing scary about it, aside from my initial awkwardness with extremely new and unfamiliar people, is their slogan: ANG BUHAY POLSCI AY NAKAMAMATAY (POLSCI LIFE IS DEADLY) with a matching "stay alive" quote from Haymitch Abernathy of The Hunger Games. Way to welcome freshies, yo. :)
Guess I'll have to see for myself, eh. I'll update you guys on that! Good night, gotta catch the live finale of AI tomorrow morning! :)

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