YES, I am shamelessly campaigning for Jessica Sanchez to win this season of American Idol. :D

I'm not doing so only because she and I are both half-Filipino. If so, I should have done the same shameless campaigning for Thia Megia last season. But I didn't, because I didn't quite believe she had the chops to win everything. And no, it's not because I hate Phillip (and his ridiculously contorted face when he sings); I actually find him quite attractive and I respect his artistry very much. I think he has a really good shot of winning Idol, frankly, if the girlies vote triumph.

BUT if American Idol is still what it claims to be, which is a singing competition, and not only a popularity contest, then it's Jessica who definitely deserves the title. I mean, everybody knows she can sing! She can sing the phonebook, the dictionary or whatever, and her vocals will still sound amazing. She can sing like there's no tomorrow and hit every single not she has to. And she can sing to touch and reach out to her audience. I'll keep it short and simple now: Jessica Sanchez is the complete package that Idol is or should be looking for.

Nevermind that she's only sixteen. Pleaaaaseeeee vote for the BEST. VOTE FOR JESSICA SANCHEZ!!! ♥

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