35 Degrees

I forgot to check back in right when my summer officially started the other Saturday. I was too busy...well, being a bum. I'm not even kidding; everyday except for Sunday, I wake up at 10, eat breakfast, go back to my room and lie in bed, eat lunch, watch some TV if I can even get the antenna to cooperate, read a little while listening to music, and lounge around some more doing nothing in particular.

And guess how I spent my birthday? Yep, asleep with the rest of my family after having a very filling lunch. HAHAHA :) This is probably just me catching up on all the sleep I lost throughout the school year (although technically, that really isn't possible).

But on the bright side, I have indulged myself on fun and productive activities here and there. For instance, I went to the beach with my friends! We went to Hamilo Coast, Pico de Loro Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. It's a huge, serene place consisting of 13 beautiful coves, Pico de Loro being the largest and the only one that's completely developed - resort, country club, and all. We took a speedboat around and they let us off in one of the other coves where we went semi-snorkeling with some pretty interesting fish. I'd never done this before, so I was really excited to just jump in and start sightseeing under water. The experience was breathtaking! I didn't even have time to feel scared that I was in really deep salty waters which I've never dared wander across because there were freaking neon-colored fish at my feet! After which, we moved on to the white-ish sand beach which was perfectly isolated save for the lifeguard stationed there (it must be a pretty lonely job). When we went to the pool in the country club, we had it all to ourselves as well. I loved the solitude; it made us feel like a bunch of VIPs in a remote island off the coast of Maldives or some exotic place like that.

When I get a better internet connection, I will for sure post some pictures with this blog entry 'cause it isn't enough to just read about how nice a place is, right? :)

Anyway, I'm headed off for a month-long staycation in my province again very early tomorrow morning. While I'm there, I hope I can keep everyone updated, and stick to my be-productive-it's-your-last-real-summer-before-summer-classes plan. If I'm hardworking enough, I might just post some DIY projects I intend to do and recipes I'll try over this summer.

I'm just going to put it out there: this is going to be a great, amazeballs summer!! WOO SUMMER 2013!!!