Summer snapshots!

I'm missing the fresh air of the province already...

So, as promised, here are some pictures I took on my vacation. :) These are pure, unedited shots straight out of my digital camera. I'm crazy proud of myself, especially of this beautiful sunset right here. HAHA! Most of these are views from my bedroom window and the balcony, and the rest are of the other parts of the house. Every time I look outside, I can't get over how pretty everything is. I mean, there's greenery in all directions, the color of the sky is incredible, and it's just...AMAZEBALLS!

It was really nice and comfortable staying in the new house (a long shot from the small bungalow we used to live in), and I just had to capture the moments. For all I know, it might be the last time I'll get to visit in a long time. *cue sniffing* But hey, maybe the next time I come back, there's gonna be a swimming pool in our backyard! YAY! :) Seriously, they are talking about having one built, and if I know my grandfather enough, he'll have it built even if he can't swim in it himself. He's adorable that way!

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