Today My Life Begins

For weeks now, I've been pondering on what to write. I wanted something special to start my blog with, but I just couldn't point my finger at the exact topic. Somehow, I was just so unsure of what to share. Funny thing is, I'm not the type to often feel unsure of myself, and I asked myself, 'of all the times, why now?'.

Maybe it's because I'm at the crossroads of my life right now. Maybe it's because I just graduated from high school (Is that what all graduates feel like? Unsure?) the other night. Or maybe it's the fact that while everyone around me is busy confirming their slots to the colleges of their choice, I am stuck here, not really knowing where I'll be heading off in a few months.

I can't really blame myself, though. It's a HUGE choice, really.
Option A: Leave everyone and everything I am familiar with, pack my bags, and go to the States. Sounds pretty simple, except for the fact that I have no clue whatsoever where to magically produce funds for my education if I do end up in the US. I can get a loan, perhaps, but as my mom very conveniently pointed out, do I really want to indebt myself as early as now? I'm barely even legal yet (I mean, okay, I just turned 18 like, 2 hours ago, but still.)! .....OR........
Option B: Stay where I am right now, be happy with the 25% discount on my tuition in the university I'm attending here, and live at home. No financial problems, no part-time jobs, no sleeping on someone else's couch. It's the easy way out, really. My only problem is, I don't think this is exactly my dream. Which is most probably why I'm having second thoughts in the first place. I mean, there's no thrill of a new culture and a new sense of independence and freedom for me, and I think that's what I want to experience right now.

Well, anyway, so that's my dilemma. That's what's been keeping my thoughts all messed up and  fjelawf8eywaufhewu (yeah, that's how I think my thoughts look like now.) But you know what, college is a few months away from now. I just graduated the other night, and it's my birthday today, so I'm not about to let these decisions get in my way of having fun. Not just yet.

Today, my life begins. I'm eighteen, and I have the rest of the world in front of me. Where life will take me, I know not, but I sure am excited to see! And I'll be sure to take you with me on this journey. :) Welcome to my blog. ♥

Here's a link to my batch's beautiful performance of our graduation song. I cried. ;(
Zenith Graduation Song

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