Prep Course

Well, I did promise to tell you about the Prep Course that I attended today...so here goes.

IT. WAS. TIRING. Really. And that's me talking, not some girly girl that doesn't run and isn't game for any sort of physical activity. Speaking of which, there was a lot of physical activity involved, and our upperclassmen tell us that the 3-day mandatory Orientation Seminar is 100000x worse. Oh man.

My brain seriously does not want to cooperate with me right now, having woken up at 5:45 am just to arrive on time in Ateneo. I literally felt like the undead walking and boarding the train this morning. Turns out I was too early anyway, and I had to hole up in the ladies' room because there was that I-don't-know-anyone-here awkwardness outside. I waited until 7:45 to decide that it was safe enough to proceed to the event. Haha. Of course, at first, everyone was awkwardly trying to know each other and have a good time, but as the day wore on, I guess we just got more comfortable and familiar with each other, and I started enjoying the whole event more.

We were divided up into four teams and as part of "Group Dynamics" aka games, we had to collect as much points as we could, especially in the Amazing Race. By the sound of it, you can probably tell that this was the hellish tiring part, right? So much running under a slight drizzle and across wet, muddy fields! As much as the race was physical, it was also a lot of brain work (hello, PoliSci life!). I guess this was the part where I was really able to bond more with my future coursemates, so I enjoyed it nonetheless. And hey, nothing like a good competition and an adrenaline rush for me!

In the end, our group (LEGGO PURPLE!!! Hahaha, never gets old.) actually placed second because we had awesome campaign jingles for "unknown" politicians and law-making skills to ban Justin Bieber from stardom. I met a lot of new friends today (I felt old though, being one of the only 18 year olds in the department. :( ), and there's nothing left to say but: I'm excited for OrSem! \:D/

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