(Pardon the title, please. I was watching the Stevie Wonder week episode of Glee last night, and it came to mind right now.)

For an utter lack of better things to do, I am randomly searching my laptop for interesting games or programs or other accessories and whatnots. I stumbled upon this potentially amazing program, Windows Live Writer, on my Windows 8 which will hopefully allow me to post directly from my desktop to this blog. I say hopefully because I have yet to configure it so that it is linked to my account, and actually try it. I guess it's pretty convenient, especially if I can type up blog entries and save them as drafts for the mean time; it would save me from forgetting my light bulb moment ideas without even having to access the internet to draft it here.

Something else that's potentially wonderful is me learning how to drive. I FINALLY got my student's permit after 2 weeks of endless waiting through offlines and errors and power shortages at the LTO Office in Iligan. I got through 5 hours of simulation driving, where you don't do anything but train you feet to step on the pedals, which is more painful and tiring than it sounds, before I was allowed to actually drive. It was hella scary the first time, but I didn't bump into anything or run over a living thing, so it was all good. After another 5 hours of actual driving, I'm done! My uncle let me drive the other day to and from the place we always swim at, and I was able to bring him and my brother home in one piece, so I think I can safely say I know how to drive now. I'm actually pretty stoked about it, even if I don't technically have anything to drive yet. But it's going to come in handy, I'm sure, because it's an important life skill. In fact, it's up there in my list of life skills along with cooking and knowing how to shoot a gun. Also, it gives me all the more reason to want to purchase a car once I'm working.

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